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I work closely with art consultants and design professionals to create installations consistent with a project’s design program. Elevations, design concepts, framing or preservation requirements are important requirements to consider. As early as possible in the design process, we select and coordinate materials, finishes, and installation. In many of my pieces, the play of light is an integral part of the overall experience of the piece and lighting becomes an integral part of the overall design process.





After consulting with the designer, architect or owner to envision a piece unique to the intent and use of the site, I work to create a concept that is harmonious with design recommendations, size, and finish of the ceramic elements. This process is often collaborative as we work to refine concept and possibility into a concrete proposal.

It is at this stage that Timelines, Budget and Installation and Presentation are discussed and finalized. 

I make every effort to honor deadlines and create a piece as close to the proposal as is possible. However, in Art, there is always room for interpretation and the creative process. Periodic updates may be made, if requested. From the first inspiration through completion of the final piece, my focus and intent is to bring all elements of the process together in your beautiful work of Art.

 Paradise Creative Expressions
  The Ceramic Sculpture of Deb Paradise
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